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Tex-AN 2000: A Network and a Family of Contracts  

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Tex-AN 2000

To order Tex-AN 2000 products and services, contact the DIR Telecom Solutions staff, 512-463-7800.

The centralized telecommunications system for the state of Texas is known as Tex-AN. With the exception of state universities and legislative bodies, all state agencies are required to use the telecommunications services provided by Tex-AN. Tex-AN also serves other eligible organizations such as cities, municipalities, counties, education service centers, independent school districts, and higher education.

The current technological platform of Tex-AN is known as Tex-AN 2000. The Tex-AN 2000 architecture provides a solid statewide telecommunications infrastructure that is adaptable to changing requirements and can incorporate new and emerging technologies. The Tex-AN 2000 platform provides unified, scalable, redundant, flexible, and extremely cost-effective networking solutions.

Tex-AN 2000 provides voice and data services and features:

  • Voice Services
    • Toll-Free Service
    • Long Distance Service
    • Directory Assistance
    • Dedicated circuit access
  • Data Services
    • Frame Relay/Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)
    • MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching)
    • Access Services
    • Internet Access
    • Point-to-Point circuits
    • DSL 


Telecommunications Go DIRect Contracts

In addition to its primary services, DIR offers Go DIRect contracts for telecommunications services. These contracts are awarded on behalf of the state according to state competitive bidding requirements, and are designed to satisfy user requirements for easy-to-use telecommunications services contracts. The comprehensive suite of products and services offered by these contracts includes:

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